Would it be desirable to hire people only according to the person/organization match while ignoring the person/job match? 

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Whether it would be wiser to hire people according to the person/organization match rather than according to the person/job match is at least partly dependent upon the organization's assessment of the individual(s) ability to be trained into the job(s) in question.

There is no question that individuals should be capable of performing the duties for which they were hired. The importance of the individual's ability to perform those duties, however, varies according to the individual's age, academic background, and prior work experience. Corporations may, and often do, determine that certain individuals would be a good fit for their organization. In almost all instances, such assessments include a calculation of the individual's anticipated ability to perform according to expectations and ability to grow with the organization. In other words, the distinction between "organization" and "job" is usually minimal.

Corporations and small businesses have cultures. Those cultures are often a...

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