Would either or both words be capitalized if you were writing an essay and mentioned a recipe for sole veronique?

Expert Answers
appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Generally speaking, culinary dishes that have a long standing history (for example, they've been served in a particular restaurant for years) tend to be capitalized. Dishes that are named after a particular person (often the chef who invented it) are usually capitalized, as are dishes named for places (like Manhattan Cam Chowder). But sometimes such names have become so common that they are part of English vernacular and the capitalization gets lost. For example, you may see 'fettucine alfredo' on a menu with no acknowledgment that Alfredo is a proper name. This may also happen with a Delmonico steak, or a Crab Louis. With European names it may not be clear that a recipe title is a name or place derivation, as with Beef Wellington.  When in doubt, capitalize a recipe title.

kathrynellison | Student

You would capitalize both words as it is the title of the dish.