Would it be desirable to hire people only according to the person/organization match, ignoring the person/job match? 

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No, it would not be desirable to hire people in this way.  While the match between the person and the organization is clearly important, the match between the person and the job is very important as well.

The match between the person being hired and the organization doing the hiring is clearly important.  A person who is not a match for the organization will not fit in well with the culture of that organization.  The person will, therefore, not do a very good job of working with others in the organization and will probably be less productive as a result.

However, just hiring a person who is compatible with the organization is not the answer either.  A person must be a good match with the job in order to do well.  If you hire a person who is absolutely perfect for your organization, it will not do you much good if that person is not qualified for the specific job and/or does not like that job.

Therefore, it is important to hire people who are compatible with both the organization and with the specific job.

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