I would appreciate some guidance writing a definition essay on identity. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a massive issue, particularly given the way that recent schools of thought have profoundly questioned our identity and where we get our identity from. Traditionally, postcolonialists argue, our identity has been profoundly concrete and not malleable. Our identity was largely a product of our nation and culture, so we were British if we were from Britain or American if we were from America. More recently, however, postcolonialists have pointed towards the way that immigration and globalisation has resulted in our identities becoming much more fractured and malleable. Our identity is not something that is set in stone anymore, and the number of different influences that can impact on our identity has risen greatly thanks to exposure to a whole host of different philosophies, ideas and cultures. So now, many people change their identity as they live their lives, or have a kind of pick and mix identity involving a number of different cultures and influences. Instead of living one life with one identity, now people are free to experiment with different identities in a way that was never possible before. All of this points towards a change in our understanding of the term identity and the way that now identities are much more flexible and malleable than they were previously.