Would an Elizabethan/modern audience believe Romeo's feelings are genuine? As a director/actor, how should Romeo perform a specific line?   The essay question is How does Shakespeare show how love affects Romeo in Act 1 scene 1 contrasted with how Romeo feels in Act 2 Scene?  I need help in the 2 questions at the top. I have to use point evidence and effect. THANKYOU

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In the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, the author shows us two different relationships that Romeo has - or tries to have would be more accurate, as the first is unrequited love and the second is requited love where his passionate and romantic feelings of love are returned by Juliet. The attraction Romeo feels for Rosaline do not appear to run very deep, as he pretty soon forgets about her as soon as he sees Juliet ("she doth teach the very torches to burn bright.") Rosaline, on the other hand is very cool towards Romeo and what he feels for her is more like infatuation or puppy love. She has vowed to live "unwed" or "without a lover." His teen behavior is very believable.

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