What happened to Sebastian Flyte in the end of Brideshead Revisited?

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In 1926 Charles returns to London from having been in Paris.  The General Strike is on in Britan; and Charles volunteers to help out by giving out food. He goes to a jazz club one evening and, while chatting with Anthony Blanche, learns that Sebastian had been living with him in Marseilles. He reports to Charles that Sebastian was still an alcoholic and was stealing things from him to pawn.He kicked him out.

Later, Charles finds Sebastian in a hospital in Fez, very ill from his drinking. His German lover is named Kurt, who is ill too. Sebastian cannot travel to England because he is critically ill. Charles begs him to leave and get in a good hospital. He refuses. Charles stays for a week and helps him settle his financial affairs. (It is assumed that Sebastion will die.)

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