world war one “Winners” and did they really “win”?How, and why, did World War 1 end as, and when, it did? Did the “Winners” really “win”?

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I don't think anyone really wins in a war.  There is certainly one side that is victorious over the other.  Although, perhaps the word victorious isn't really right either.  There is one side that emerges with power over the other.  Both sides lose in many respects.  Everyone involved in a war loses soldiers, civilians, financial security, and so much more.  After World War I, entire cities were destroyed.  Whole countries were reduced to rubble.  I would hardly call that a win for anyone.  Even the countries that came out on top still had to rebuild and recover from a devastating war.

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I agree that no one "won" World War I, which may have been the most disastrous war in history in terms of both its immediate and its long-term consequences. It was also one of the most foolish wars in history, as well as one of the most destructive. If there were just one war I wish could be undone, it would probably be that one.

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Woodrow Wilson was no stranger to essentially empty rhetoric, but he hit the nail on the head when he argued that World War I needed to be followed by a "peace without victors." That did not happen at the Paris Peace Conference, however, and by pushing through a vengeful peace, the victors helped create a climate that would lead to war just over 20 years later.

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Every country in Europe was in trouble after World War I, and so was America.  The economic effect was staggering, but the loss of life was worse in some ways.  Morale was really low, and people were losing faith in humanity.

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No, the winners did not really win.  After all, they had to fight another war just twenty years later.  The "winners" were devastated in many ways.  France suffered a great deal of damage from the war.  England did not, but it had huge numbers of men killed and wounded.  The toll of the war was great and yet it did not solve anything.  Therefore, no one "won" the war.

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the winners didn't really win because lots of the winners soldiers died. There really never is a winner in a war.

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The Allies "won" the first world war.

I don't really think that a majority of the victors really won. The one country that could be really considered a winner would be the United States of America. This is because the US wasn't involved long enough to have major casualties, and it didn't took place in America. After the war, America gained the confidence to go out into the world and gained expierience having an effective military force. But the rest of the Allies had, if they were lucky, just had all of their young men either slain, maimed, or mentally scarred. The unlucky ones had their economy crushed and cities destroyed.