World War 2Why did Singapore enter the World War 2?

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The Japanese couldn't ignore this island city. To have captured the rest of Malaya and Indochina while leaving Singapore untouched would leave countless divisions of troops tied down to guarding against re-invasion by the British. It would become a base in Asia, a thorn in their imperial side. I also think the idea of completely driving the British Empire from mainland Asia was an attractive imperative for the Japanese Imperial leadership.
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I agree with number 2. Singapore ties in the two main theaters in World War II in a way, because of its proximity to Japan. As a colony of the UK, Singapore gave the allies access to The Pacific. At least theoretically, it should have given them an edge compared to Europe or the United States.
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During WWII, Singapore was not an independent country.  It was part of the British Empire.  Because of that, Singapore itself did not enter WWII.  It was automatically made part of the war because Britain was involved.

If you are asking where there was a a battle for Singapore, Britain had tried to make Singapore their major naval stronghold in the area.  This ensured that Japan would attack Singapore, which is why Singapore became the site of a battle.