How do we prevent global warming? How do we stop global warnign from reoccuring? How do prevent green house gases from ouccuring?

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The main reason for the issue of global warming is the emitting of green house gases in huge amounts. Especially carbon dioxide. So if we can control the emission of these gases to atmosphere we will be able to control the issue of global warming.

Carbon Dioxide is emitted to atmosphere mainly by the combustion of hydrocarbons, in order to generate energy. If we can move towards more clean technology like solar power then we will be able to  control global warming for some extent. 

Naturally there is a mechanism to control the amount of Carbon Dioxide in atmosphere and it is called photosynthesis. As the amount of forests in the earth is depleting rapidly this natural process of carbon dioxide absorption is weakened. Hence we need to protect our forests in order to solve this issue.

After all the attitude of people is very critical. If they can live a simple life style it will be the key path to the solution

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The quickest way to avert global warming would be to immediately curb our production of greenhouse gases, particularly through the burning of fossil fuels. But the economic impact of this would be catastrophic and politically inconceivable. So it seems that the best way to do this would be to incentivize the development of clean energy sources. This would have to accompany a change in culture- we would need to make a commitment as a society to limiting our consumption of energy.

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If the federal government and the states stopped subsidizing the heavy producers of greenhouse gas, the prices of activities that damage the climate would go up dramatically. While this would cause some hardships, it would also provide incentive for people to cut down on their usage. We have become a society of spoiled brats, and our demands on the planet are too great to be sustainable for long.


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The first thing we need to do to reduce greenhouse gases and prevent global warming is to get everyone to agree that greenhouse gases cause global warming.  Since it is still a controversial subject (because some people would rather make money than worry about the environment), we are not going to make any progress until we come to some sort of agreement on this issue.  Alternatively, we would have to get political leaders who can do something about it.

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I think that we need a carbon tax.  If we tax the amount of carbon used in making goods and services, we give the private sector an incentive to use less energy.  We do not tell them how to reduce their emissions.  Instead, we simply tell them that lower emissions equal lower costs and leave them to figure out how to accomplish that.  This is something that businesses do much better than government.

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We can all try to drive a little bit less in gas-powered automobiles. Walking and biking, if taken up in mass, can help to reduce emissions world-wide. 

This doesn't mean we should all stop driving all the time, but if everyone drove 10% less, we'd see some ecological benefits. 

Developing clean methods for the production of electricity will help too in the long run. 

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Co2 Co2                    Co2 .......




Because of this element our planet is boiling and there is global warming.


First of all we have to stop releasing Co2 in the atmospere. Because this element is making our planet hotter and hotter. And if this continues the ozone layer will deplete.



Plants is the agent to reduce Co2.


Plant more and more trees to get rid of Co2.

Yikes! I mean to reduce Co2.



Plants produce more and more oxygen, and this will help our planet to be cooled down.


Or if it is not done, as I said -


All the glaciers on our beloved planet will melt and



There will be floods everywhere and enotes will be no longer there.



Increasing of Co2 is a disaster.


So, everybody protest and stop releasing Co2 in our atmosphere.



Yikes! But we exhale Co2. If we don't exhale Co2 we will die then there will be no one to reduce Co2.


So, its better to use CNG and solar power



There will be solar energy for more than 5 billion years.




If Co2 is reduced.

OR ELSE ..........................





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The most important way is to reduce using carbon dioxide.

This can only be prevented if government take the initiative to plant more trees as well as put heavy taxes on using carbon dioxide as done in some of the European countries.

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The best way would to stop burning fossil fuels and use renewable enrgy such as solar power, biomass power, hydropower... Fossil fuels emit carbon wich traps heat while renewable energy is sustainable