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I work at a store in California.  Last night, a mother came into our store to return a purchase her 14-year-old daughter had made two hours earlier.  I informed her that not all of the items her daughter had purchased were returnable (as stated on the receipt and store policy).  She in turn stated that it was against state law to refuse the return of a purchase made by a minor.  I had never heard of this, and I am wondering if it is true. State of California Department of JusticeOffice of the Attorney GeneralRefund Policy

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I do not live in California, I do know that minors are not subject to the same laws as adults given they are not of legal age to enter into a contract. While a purchase may not seem like a contract, a purchase is a contract. Think about it this way: the store is providing a good and the customer exchanges money for the good. By exchanging money for goods, one is entering into a contract.

A minor may be able to return purchased items based upon three ideas. First, they are not legally able to agree to a contract. Second, a company cannot assume that a minor can, or will, read and understand the fine print regarding returns. Lastly, a minor can simply change his or her mind without legal repercussions.

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