In Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points speech, in the simplest form, what do all of the points mean?Please explain each one individually.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  1. No treaties made in secret
  2. No blockades of the seas ships must always be allowed to travel freely
  3. No more tariffs -- have free trade
  4. As few weapons as possible -- only enough to defend your country
  5. Change around what colonies belong to who -- do it fairly and take into account what the colonized people want.
  6. All foreign countries' armies out of Russia -- let them decide for themselves what government they'll have
  7. All foreign countries out of Belgium
  8. France should get back the stuff Prussia took from it in 1870
  9. Make Italy's boundaries include all Italians -- even those not now in Italy.
  10. All the different ethnic groups that had been part of Austria-Hungary should have their own countries
  11. The countries mentioned should have their territory back and should decide for themselves how they'll relate to each other
  12. Like #10, except about the Ottoman Empire -- specifies that the Turkish part should remain one country
  13. Poland should get to be a country again -- all Poles should be included in it.
  14. A League of Nations should be formed to keep the peace.

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