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Yes, women are stalked more often than men.  Statistics show that about 80% of the victims of stalking are female.  Let us think about why this might be.

First, it seems likely that men are more aggressive than women.  We cannot know for sure whether this is caused by innate physical characteristics of by the way in which men and women are brought up in our society.  Regardless, most crimes of aggression are committed by men.  Stalking certainly counts as such a crime.

Second, it may be that men would be less likely to report being stalked than women would be.  In our society, men are supposed to be tougher and less easily frightened than women.  It would be hard for many men to go to the police and admit that they were afraid because they were being stalked.  It would seem like they were not manly enough to take care of themselves.

Whatever the possible reasons, it is clear from statistics that men today are much less likely than women to be the victims of stalking.

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