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by Homer

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Are the women in the Iliad of Homer represented as strong characters?

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This is hard question to answer, because this question can be answered by two perspectives. If we only consider human women, then we can say that they are not portrayed as strong at all. For example, Chyseis and Briseis are basically the property of men and play a very insignificant role.

Helen is an important figure in the back story of the Trojan war, but not very strong in any sense in the Iliad. Andromache is Hector's wife and she pleads with Hector not to fight Achilles, but she is unsuccessful. She is used to elicit sympathy.

If we include the goddesses, then the story changes. Athena and Ares are forces to be reckoned with. They are powerful in war and they make a huge difference in the the Trojan war. The male gods at times cannot even defeat them.

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