Women in The Crucible What is the role of women in The Crucible?

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In this play, women are either whores/devils or saints/angels. When the play begins, the Reverend Parris is questioning Abigail concerning her reputation; there are, evidently, rumors that suggest she is not sexually virtuous. He asks her, "Your name in the town –– it is entirely white, is it not?" Unconvinced by her reassurance that it is, he tells her that he's heard that Elizabeth Proctor doesn't come to Sunday services anymore, because "she will not sit so close to something soiled." Despite apparent public suspicion of their affair, John Proctor's reputation remains untouched, even though he's married, while Abigail's is questioned. Suddenly, with her confession, Abigail changes herself from a whore to a saint, saying, "I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus!" Soon after, according to Elizabeth Proctor, "where [Abigail] walks the crowd will part like the sea for Israel." Rebecca Nurse is a saint, until she's accused. Elizabeth Proctor is a saint, until she is...

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