In The Woman Warrior, what role do ghosts play?

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Ghosts are first introduced in Brave Orchid’s tale of her time studying medicine. Unafraid of the ghost that haunted a room in the dormitory, she agreed to sleep in the room only to be confronted by a Sitting Ghost, who climbed on her chest and sat heavy as a boulder, paralyzing her. At dawn, the ghost climbed off, and she told them that she died briefly at three in the morning. The next night, they burned the ghost out.
After this introduction to ghosts of the supernatural variety, the reader learns that all foreigners except for the Japanese are ghosts. Kingston says:

But America has always been full of machines and ghosts—Taxi Ghosts, Bus Ghosts, Police Ghosts, Fire Ghosts, Meter Reader Ghosts, Tree Trimming Ghosts, Five-and-Dime Ghosts....

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