What is the major theme of The Woman in Black by Susan Hill?

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The Woman In Black is a deliberate pastiche of second-wave Gothic fiction. It utilizes as many of the tropes of late Victorian Gothic as possible, from obfuscating, foggy marshes which reflect the inner landscape of the characters in the story, to a causeway which isolates the protagonist from the world and a shadowy, dark building in which mysterious letters are hidden. Its key themes can probably be identified as:

1. Secrets. The power of secrets is very important to the story; Arthur Kipps is dispatched to Crythin Gifford to settle an estate, but the people in the village clearly do not want him to uncover anything. The secret Alice Drablow kept throughout her life has been repressed but emerges to Arthur in ghost form, because its power to destroy has become so intense: Alice took her sister's child, who later died in the marshes, and this has had a terrible effect upon the village.

2. Revenge. The ghost in this story, the titular Woman in Black is a traditional vengeance spirit. She...

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