In Wole Soyinka's The Lion and the Jewel, what impact does the magazine and its photographs have on Sidi?  

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When Sidi first hears about her images printed in the magazine she instantly becomes conceited and filled with confidence. One of the village girls tells Sidi that she looks stunning and that her picture takes up two entire pages. Another village girl tells Sidi that the Bale is jealous because Sidi has brought more honor and prestige to the village because of her beauty than Baroka ever has. When Sidi finds out that Baroka's image is only found in a small corner of the magazine she comments, "I am more esteemed than Bale Baroka, the Lion of Ilujinle" (Soyinka 11). Sidi believes that she is the most important and famous person in Ilujinle. She immediately refuses to consider Lakunle for marriage because of her fame and claims that the Bale is no longer relevant. Sidi brags about the hearts that she will break, and when Sadiku petitions her to marry Baroka, Sidi refuses. Sidi becomes narcissistic and arrogant and even begins to insult Baroka. She also refers to herself as "the jewel of Ilujinle." Sidi's new attitude surprises and worries Sadiku. However, Baroka uses Sidi's infatuation with herself to gain her trust and successfully seduce her.

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