The Lion and the Jewel Questions and Answers
by Wole Soyinka

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In Wole Soyinka's The Lion and the Jewel, what happens in the morning following Sidi's visit to Baroka's palace?  

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In the morning following Sidi's visit to Baroka's palace, Lakunle is cursing at Sadiku for sharing the Bale's secret, when Sidi runs onto the stage and throws herself on the ground. Sadiku asks her what is wrong, and Sidi pushes her away. Lakunle then attempts to console Sidi, but Sidi also pushes him away. Lakunle immediately thinks that Baroka physically assaulted Sidi and swears to kill the Bale. Sidi calls him a fool and tells both Lakunle and Sadiku that Baroka lied. Sidi says that Baroka lied about being impotent and gloated about his cunning trick after he had taken her virginity. Sidi then admits that she hates Baroka and wishes to kill him. Lakunle and Sadiku both want to know if Sidi is still a "maid," and Sidi shakes her head. Lakunle is shocked, but Sadiku is rather optimistic and tells Sidi to cheer up. Lakunle initially laments before mentioning that he shouldn't have to pay the bride-price now that Sidi has lost her virginity. Sidi seems rather surprised that Lakunle still considers marrying her, then runs off of the stage. Sadiku then tells Lakunle that Sidi is packing her things and preparing to get married. Lakunle goes crazy because he didn't expect Sidi to be ready to marry immediately. Amusingly, Lakunle misinterprets Sidi's actions and Sidi ends up marrying Baroka, but only after she mocks Lakunle for his lack of masculinity.

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