In Wole Soyinka's The Lion and the Jewel, how does Baroka seduce Sidi?  

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Baroka spreads a lie that he is impotent and invites Sidi to come to supper even though she rejects his marriage offer. Once she is there, he tempts her vanity in such a way that she is awed and silenced. While Sidi is in this state, Baroka manages to seduce her.

Baroka, the Bale and village "ruler," is crafty and knows just how to appeal to Sidi's vanity, which is amplified now because of the glossy images of her face and body in the magazine Lakunle showed her earlier:

SIDI: Look, judge for yourself. [Opens the magazine and points out the pictures.]. . .
He's old. . . To think I took
No notice of my velvet skin. . . 
I am the twinkle of a jewel
But he is the hind-quarters of a lion!

Baroka confides in his first wife, Sadiku, that he is impotent, which is a lie, knowing that Sadiku will spread it as gossip to everyone, including Sidi. He knows this knowledge will disarm Sidi's fear of him, based as it is on stories of...

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