Wole Soyinka makes certain characters play double roles in his play A Dance of the Forests. Does this have any significance?

In A Dance of the Forests, Obaneji is doubled with the forest father, Demoke with an ancient court poet, and Rola with Madame Tortoise. These pairings emphasize the central traits and functions of the characters.

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In Wole Soyinka's play, A Dance of the Forests, Obaneji the record-keeper is doubled with the Forest Father, Demoke the wood carver with an ancient court poet, and the sadistic Rola with the prostitute Madame Tortoise. In all three cases, there are connections between the two roles which bring out the themes of the play.

Obaneji is is unpopular because he keeps records of the villagers' lives, provoking suspicion and resentment....

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