In Animal Farm, without whose input would the windmill have been impossible?

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In Animal Farm, the animals begin to believe in their ideal which is a world without the interference of Man. Even the sheep understand "four legs good two legs bad." The animals intend to be completely self-sufficient and comfortable and Animal Farm will be a place where "all animals are equal." Everyone works very hard to achieve these goals and the seven Commandments are drawn up so everyone knows. Amongst the pigs, Snowball is the one who organizes. He sets up committees and works hard to ensure that the farm will be safe from attack by humans. His military genius which he gets from having studied Julius Caesar's strategies in battle, saves the animals from defeat at The Battle of the Cowshed and it is his knowledge that means that the windmill will be able to generate enough electricity for all the animals to live in comfort, provided he gets to implement his plan which, as the reader knows, he does not.  

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