"Without a life, a person lives where they can. If all they got is thoughts, that's where they live."  Please explain this quote from "The Shawl."

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Essentially, the quote you ask about means that if one is deprived of a stimulating existence, one creates stimulation within one's mind.

So if a person is trapped, say, in prison, or in a concentration camp, a person may live within his/her own mind, creating daydreams or fantasies.  This happens often to a minor extent to many people--when they're extremely bored, for instance.  But in situations of extreme deprivation, it can happen to a major extent. 

I quickly reread the short story "The Shawl," so I could check out the context of the quote, but I don't see the quote in that story.  It's possible I was in too much of a hurry and missed it, but I didn't see it.

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