With what aspects of nature is Grendel associated with in Beowulf.

mkcapen1 | Student

When one looks at Grendel as opposed to the dynamic relationship to Beowulf one must first look at Beowulf's personality.  He is an epic hero which means that he likes a challenge.  Grendel serves as that challenge.  Beowulf travels to Grendel to take on the challenge.

Grendel himself is not born of man but of a sea creature.  He is powerful and dwells in a cave.  He seems to have no fear of man which he evidences by attacking willingly at various times of day or night.  Grendel is like a plague that is able to wipe out large groups of a population.  Grendal has an endurance and a penchant for violence like nature's storms.  He lingers and terrorizes the people of Herot.

Grendal is believed to be a decendent from the race of Cain.

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