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With specific reference to the text of the essay and the criteria for a formal and informal essay (see content area), determine if Beerbohm’s essay is informal or formal Title: Going Out For A Walk (1918)Author: Max Beerbohm plzz help...!!!

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It sounds like you have some criteria present in your possession about what determines a formal essay and what defines an informal essay.  You will need to apply that critieria to Beerbohm's writing.  If you have this criteria, then I think you will have to match up and see which set of standards is best reflected with Beebohm's work.  If you do not have a set of standards or criteria, I would suggest looking through enotes and seeing if you can find additional assistance to the items listed below.  I imagine that you have your own criteria that the teacher supplied to you.  However, if you don't and you have to generate your own, I storngly suggest that whatever you use should be approved by your teacher/ instructor.

I think you can determine for yourself if Beerbohm's work is a formal or informal essay.  Keep in mind that his tone is strictly personal and while he does cite some analysis, it lacks a formalized and structured tone.  It seems more like an "Andy Rooney" type of thing that you would find at the end of "60 Minutes."  I would think that part of the criteria for a formal essay would be its structured tone of scholarship.  Beerbohm's missive on walking might not apply if this is your standard.  Check out the enotes links below.  Most importantly, analyze your standards for what determines formal/ informal and then set it to the essay you have in front of you.  Then, go over how it meets or does not meet specific standards.  Laying out your case with both the standards and Beerbohm's mannerisms and tone should be able to yield a clear answer.

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