With regards to the attached article (1st page) and under "Impact on the Field" 2nd paragraph, should I agree with this paragraph? 

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Naturally, one can disagree with assertions made in any scholarly article.  The discourse is enhanced through disagreements.  Yet, with this in mind, it seems that the asserted ideas about Rogers' stature in the field of psychotherapy are valid.  Rogers' idea that "we can no longer assume therapy procedures or theory are valid at face value," is consistent with what he advocated.  

Rogers believed theoretical fundamentals have to be supplanted with actual research that shows effectiveness in working with patients.  This is consistent with his "patient- centered approach" that was both a part of his work and a reason why Rogers' impact on psychotherapy is so significant.  It is for this reason that Rogers believed that "theoretical conceptions of psychotherapy must be translated into if-then hypotheses, which are capable of empirical investigation."  Rogers believed that the ability to help patients was more important than any other theoretical set of conditions.  These become the major assertions out of the second paragraph.  I think that this becomes the reason why it would make sense to agree with the paragraph.