With regard to Vietnam, which would you favor -- Hawks or Doves?

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I would not have been in favor of Vietnam. I think a lot of mistakes were made, and there were some bad choices that ruined people's lives. The worst part was that the war was so unpopular, and the way the soldiers were treated when they did return home after being forced to fight.
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This is much easier to answer in hindsight now that we know that the war was a failure and that losing it did not really matter all that much to America's standing in the world.  Given that the US lost the war and nothing really bad happened to us or to the world as a whole (bad things did happen within Vietnam), it is very easy now to say that it was a bad idea to spend all that money and get all those people killed for a war that did not matter.  In hindsight, then, I would clearly support the doves.

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