With regard to issues of assimilation and pluralism, what are some issues facing Hispanic Americans?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hispanic Americans mainly face the issue of whether and to what degree they should assimilate into mainstream American society. 

Given the rate at which Hispanic immigrants are entering the country, many Americans worry about whether these immigrants will assimilate into mainstream American society.  They dislike things like governmental information printed in Spanish and the idea that they must choose Spanish or English on telephone customer service lines.  This forces Hispanic Americans to confront a major issue.  They have to consider how much they should assimilate.  They have to think about, for example, how much they should use the Spanish language and what they should name their children.  They have to devise a way of life in which they do not completely abandon their native culture.  But they also have to live in such a way that they assimilate enough to avoid making the majority of Americans fear and dislike them.