What stakeholders have provided services to the Red Cross?

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In organizational theory, a stakeholder is someone who has an interest, claim, or stake in an organization, including its activities and success at performing them. Stakeholder participation is generally motivated by inducements whose value exceeds that of required contributions. "Inside" and "outside" stakeholders may be contrasted: insiders are those with the most direct claim on the organization's resources, such as shareholders, managers, and workers. Outsiders are basically everyone else, including customers, the government, local communities, and even the general public; they do not work for the organization but have an interest in it.

In part because of the longevity of the organization, which was established in the 1860s, and in part because of the wide range of services that the Red Cross provides, the organization's stakeholders are virtually unlimited. This range is further expanded because the Red Cross and Red Crescent operate in many countries. For example, the American Red...

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