What stakeholders have provided services to the Red Cross?

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There are two main sets of stakeholders who provide services to the Red Cross.  These are the organization’s own employees and the people who volunteer with the Red Cross.

Services are things that are done for a person (or in this case an organization) by others.  Services are different from goods.  Goods are tangible things that are sold or given to an organization.  What this means is that someone who donates money or clothing, for example, to the Red Cross is not providing them with a service.  By contrast, someone who does work for the Red Cross is providing that organization with a service.

Many of the people who do work for the Red Cross are volunteers.  Red Cross volunteers perform many kinds of services for that organization.  For example, in this link, we read about a retired doctor named Bipin Shah who was helping provide medical services to victims of the recent flooding in Colorado.  Dr. Shah was providing services to the Red Cross and, through them, to the victims of the flooding.  The Red Cross also has paid employees.  They, too, provide services of all sorts to the organization. 

The services that the Red Cross requires are mostly provided by two main groups of stakeholders.  These are volunteers and Red Cross employees.


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