With regard to ethnic relations and issues, what are some similarities and differences between Canada and South Africa?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both Canada and South Africa are former British colonies and still members of the British Commonwealth. They both reflect in their ethnicities a post-colonial heritage, with diverse groups of indigenous peoples and a substantial population of immigrants, some who arrived as part of the original colonial expansion and others who moved later for economic opportunity.

One major difference is that Canada is geographically much larger than South Africa and more sparsely populated. The Canadian First Nations are a far smaller portion of the Canadian population than Africans are of the South African populace. Canada has been the destination of a much higher proportion of global immigrants than South Africa, and has been somewhat more successful at raising the standard of living for its entire population, although both countries are similar in that the indigenous populations lag behind the white immigrants in such measures as wealth, education, and longevity.