With reference to three rules applied to Jonas as the Receiver of Memory in The Giver, discuss how his attributes (intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and capacity to see beyond) help in being a suitable section for this role.

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In The Giver, Jonas’s attributes of integrity, wisdom, and courage make him especially suitable to become the Receiver of Memory in regard to three key rules. Integrity is an especially important quality because the Receiver is allowed to lie. On the one hand, possessing integrity may inhibit Jonas from wanting to lie. On the other hand, he will be unlikely to indulge in excessive use of this attribute: he will lie occasionally, and mainly to protect society as a whole or important individuals within it.

Wisdom is closely related to integrity because it will allow him to exercise his judgment about the questions he is now allowed to ask. Wisdom will balance well with the rude behavior in which he may now indulge as he seeks necessary information to perform his office. Courage will be equally important in bearing his new responsibilities, which may begin to overwhelm him. One troublesome rule is that the Receiver may not apply for release.

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