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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

by James Thurber
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With reference to the facts, how does the story portray the following stereotypical male and female roles? the timid husband, the hero, and the over-bearing wife,

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In this story, Walter Mitty's wife is a very stereotypical overbearing and nagging wife.  She is always criticizing him.  She tells him to stop driving so fast.  And then she nags at him that he should go see the doctor because he's tense -- that sort of thing.

The heroes are all stereotypically masculine.  They are brave, like the military officer in the airplane.  They are sexually attractive and able to beat up other men, like the guy on the witness stand.

In real life, Walter Mitty is always forgetting things (puppy biscuits) and screwing up (going in the wrong way in the parking lot, needing the attendant to park the car for him...).

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