With reference to the case study given in the image, examine the usefulness for the business of using Handy's shamrock organization.

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Handy Shamrock organization involves providing external support to core functions by use of external or part time workforce.  The Shamrock organization would enable Turners restaurant to address the issue of overbooking and untidy leisure facilities. This is because these are direct effects of an overstretched workforce. Contractors and part time workers will come in when Turners experiences a high turnout of visitors. This makes the Shamrock organization useful because it seeks to maintain the standards of the restaurant even during their high seasons. This usefulness also comes with cost benefits as shown by a 7% reduction in the case. This benefit can then be passed along to the customer through free services. During the low season the part time workers are relieved and this is where the cost benefits come in by reducing the payroll.