With reference to the case study given in the image, evaluate whether the business should outsource its staff training program.

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The business should outsource the staff training programme which will reduce training cost by 9% and according to the case study, this saving combined with savings in implementing Handy Shamrock organization would enable the business in providing additional services such as high speed internet at no cost to their customers. The reason to outsource is, the firm conducting the training will bring new strategies and fresh ideas to address the emerging complaints from the customers. Outsourcing will also ensure that the business improves in customer service to be at par or even surpass the competition. The only risk in this case would be maintaining the uniqueness of Turners customer service, but if all this can be achieved at a reduced cost for the business then outsourcing in this case is a positive strategy as benefits outweigh the risk.  This will see the business improve its bookings, enhance the general look of the facility and offer better customer service reducing negative feedback.