With Jack in charge of the hunt, what does Ralph daydream about?  

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As Jack and the others hunt, Ralph wanders off, and begins to daydream of his former home with his parents, an idyllic cottage.

In the succession of houses that Ralph had known, this one stood out with particular clarity because after that house he had been sent away to school. Mummy had still been with them and Daddy had come home every day. Wild ponies came to the stone wall at the bottom of the garden, and it had snowed. Just behind the cottage there was a sort of shed and you could lie up there, watching the flakes swirl past. You could see the damp spot where each flake died, then you could mark the first flake that lay down without melting and watch, the whole ground turn white.

There's a calmness here, a sense of peace and comfort. It's completely juxtaposed with the reality around Ralph: a reality of dirt, grime, blood, and violence. It also shows how Ralph is unable to deal with the savagery building around him. Instead, he retreats back to the safe memories of his life of civilization.

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