A Class Divided: Then and Now Questions and Answers
by William Peters

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With A Class Divided: Then and Now in mind, do you think the actions or inaction connected to stereotyping and discrimination have an effect on the lives of others you are directly connected to? Why or why not?

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Stereotyping and the discriminatory practices that are often connected with it have negative effects on the entire society, including people with whom an individual is in direct contact and those they may never meet. When people apply stereotypes, they are making evaluations and judgments that are based not in knowledge but in concepts that are widely promoted by people and institutions that have a stake in perpetuating inequality. In a society where stereotyping is common, it will be applied indiscriminately to everyone in the society, even when its members are not aware of such behavior.

Gender stereotypes are extremely common and are damaging to people of all genders and those who...

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