In The Witch of Blackbird Pond who is the wealthy clergyman's son who helped start Concord, Mass.?

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Concord, Massachusetts was  originally a Native American settlement.  It was founded by Reverend Peter Bulkeley and Simon Willard, who negotiated with the tribe, which had apparently been decimated by Smallpox brought from Europeans.  Bulkeley was born in England, and succeeded his father as a preacher.  He had quite a few children, including a son Peter.  Peter was also a preacher.

Rev. Peter Bulkeley  was highly influential as Concord’s founder and first preacher.  His son Peter also was a fellow of Harvard University.  Even though The Witch of Blackbird Pond is fiction, the influence of religion and preachers is accurate.

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You might look up the history of the Bulkeley family in Concord.  I believe that the Rev. Gersholm Bulkeley helped to found Concord.