In the book The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare, what is the setting for most of Chapter One?

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Most of the first chapter of the book takes place onboard the Dolphin, the ship that Kit takes from Barbados to Wethersfield.  The setting of the book is introduced to us in the first paragraph, where we are told what year it is, where Kit is, and where she is going.

ON A MORNING in mid-April, 1687, the brigantine Dolphin left the open sea, sailed briskly across the Sound to the wide mouth of the Connecticut River and into Saybrook Harbor. Kit Tyler had been on the forecastle deck since daybreak, standing close to the rail, staring hungrily at the first sight of land for five weeks.  (Ch. 1) 

All of this is significant to understanding the book.  First of all, knowing the...

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