In The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare, when illness breaks out in Wethersfield, what do the townspeople do?

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A serious illness spreads throughout the town of Wethersfield.  Many people fall ill, especially children.  Some even die.  Enraged and confused by this mysterious illness, the townspeople seek someone or something to blame.  They decide that Hannah Tupper, Kit's Quaker friend, is a witch who "put a curse on [their] children" (The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Chapter 17).  Some of the townspeople form an angry mob.  They decide to go to Hannah Tupper's house.

Kit escapes through the night to help Hannah.  She leads the older woman toward the river.  Meanwhile, the townspeople try to shoot Hannah's cat.  Then they set fire to her house.  The mob searches all around for Hannah.  They want to catch her because they assume that she is a witch.  

In that time, many Puritans were suspicious of Quakers.  Quakers were sometimes falsely accused of unsavory activities, such as witchcraft.

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