The Witch of Blackbird Pond Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth George Speare

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How did Kit view slavery in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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Kit grew up where slaves were a way of life, but she is repulsed by the thought of slave ships.

Growing up in Barbados as a member of the upper class, Kit is used to having slaves around to care for her needs.  She was not part of a big family, and never had a mother or siblings to take care of her.  When John asks her about her family, she mentions slaves as if they were a part of every household—because they were.

"Were there no women to care for you?"

"Oh, slaves of course. I had a black nursemaid…” (Ch. 2)

Kit never did any work.  She had slaves to do it.  It was just the way things were done where she came from.  It would never have occurred to her that slavery was wrong or to question it.

However, when Nat tells her that there could be people down in the hold on a slave ship, she is...

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