In "The Witch of Black Bird Pond", Chapter 15, what changes might Governor Andros bring to Conneticut? Ownership of land, religion, freedom is what i"m looking for in changes.

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The residents of Connecticut Colony are afraid that Governor Andros' coming will mean "the death of (their) free commonwealth...the end of all (they've) worked for".  They are already being taxed steeply by the Crown for their land, lands for which they have negotiated directly with the Indians to obtain.  To the colonists' chagrin, Andros has said "right out that deeds signed by the Injuns are no better than scratches of a bear's paw"; under his rule the settlers will have to "beg new grants (from the British) for land (they've) bought and paid for", and pay exhorbitant fees for the privilege.

The Puritans had come to the new land of America specifically so that they could enjoy the freedom to worship and govern as they pleased.  The coming of Governor Andros signals that the British plan to assert their own authority more firmly in the colonies.  The colonists feel that the independent system of government they have developed "will be wiped out...(their) courts will be mere shadows with no real power in them"; and indeed, arrangements have already been made to annex Connecticut Colony to Massachusetts, with leaders appointed by the Crown.  Although there is much debate about exactly what these changes will mean in everyday life, there is great fear that by submitting to British demands, long fought-for civil rights will be seriously compromised, with the inevitable loss of religious freedoms close behind (Chapter 15).

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