In "Wit," what are the archetypes of Vivian's father, Professor Ashford, and Dr. Posner?

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Carl Jung lists twelve archetypes or personality types that are prominent in many myths, novels, and movies. The twelve archetypes are basically divided into three universal groups: the Ego types, the Soul types, and the Self types. It is important to note that a character can have more than one archetype.

Ego types: Orphan/Everyperson, Innocent, Caregiver, or Hero/Warrior.

Soul types: Lover, Rebel/Revolutionary, Explorer/Seeker, or Creator.

Self types: Jester, Sage, Magician, or Ruler.

Professor Ashford

In Wit, the professor's archetypes are that of caregiver and sage. It is from Professor Ashford that Vivian Bearing learns how to be a scholar of distinction. We learn as the play progresses that Vivian is suffering from Stage IV metastatic ovarian cancer. In town to visit her great-grandson (who is celebrating his fifth birthday), Professor Ashford looks in on Vivian at the hospital. She offers to read Donne to Vivian, but the latter declines the offer. Professor Ashford does not...

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