When Jonas gives a memory to Gabe in The Giver, does he still have the memory?

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The answer here is no.  Once Jonas gives the memory to Gabe (or if he would give it to anyone else, for that matter) he no longer has the memory himself.  This is also true of the Giver himself.  When he gives the memories to Jonas (getting Jonas ready to be the new Receiver) he no longer has the memories.  So, somehow, these are things that are transferred, not things that can be copied and given away.

I know this from something that the Giver says in Chapter 12, about 6 pages or so into the chapter.  The Giver is trying to get Jonas to call up the memory of the sled and the hill.  Jonas wonders why the Giver doesn't just give him the memory again.  The Giver says

It's your memory, now, It's not mine to experience any longer.  I gave it away.

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When Jonas gives a memory to somebody if he has more than 1 memory of that certain thing he will still have the memory.For example, when the giver gave Jonas the memory of love the giver had more memories of love so he couldn't remember the exact memory that he gave to Jonas but he stilll had parts of the memory from other memories.

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no because once he gives it away he no longer has the memory.The Giver lost all the memories he gave to Jonas.