Please help with an essay which discusses how Chief Joseph conveys his feelings toward his people in "I Will Fight No More Forever."Use examples?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

With this essay, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce nation will be the primary focus along with his feelings towards his people.  The first order would be to give some background on the Nez Perce nation which was quite accepting of the white people and their Christian beliefs. The nation also has a policy of self-determination which means that even if the chiefs disapprove, the individual has the right to do what he thinks is right.  This belief leads to much confusion as the white leaders don't understand nor do they attempt to find out.  Chief Joseph is more spiritual guidance and a centering figure than the military leader the white military makes him out to be.  When the constant battles have killed many of the native leaders, Chief Joseph leads his nation in an attempt to reach the safety of Canada.  When caught and his people sent to Oklahoma and then Washington, he speaks to his people as the spiritual center that he is.  When the white people break promise after promise and his people are not returned to Idaho as agreed upon, Chief Joseph, even though his speeches inspire awe in the white leaders, gives up and truly follows his own last words after the last physical fight, "I will fight no more forever."  What you need to do in this essay is find three good examples of WHAT Chief Joseph's feelings are toward his people and then find in the book HOW he helps his people understand those feelings.  Each of the three could be one of your body paragraphs if you explain not only the feelings and how he helps his people understand but also WHY he feels this way.  Be sure to introduce these three ideas in your thesis statement in  the introductory paragraph and then wrap up each idea in the conclusion paragraph which you write to conclude your essay.  Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce nation was an important figure in the white takeover of the West, so this should be a good essay for you to do.

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