Has wireless technology improved your quality of life or your work environment?  Why or why not?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As the essay prompt asks you to reflect upon your own personal experience of using wireless internet, a good first step might be keeping a diary about how you use the internet. 

There are actually three different ways most people access the internet. The first is wired, in which there is a direct physical connection between your computer and a router. Although this is the fastest and most secure type of internet connection, it is becoming increasingly uncommon. The second type of connection is wireless or WiFi, in which your computer interacts with a signal from a wireless router. The third type of connection is "mobile internet" in which you access the internet from your phone. 

The main difference between wired internet on the one hand and wireless and mobile on the other is that the first is usually tied to a specific locale and the second is ubiquitous. As you compare and contrast your experiences of the two, you might think about potential benefits of ubiquitous internet, such as the ability to do work anywhere you wish, and the negatives, such as difficulty in ever getting away from work and maintaining work/life balance, and the ways in which the internet can cause distraction or split attention. 

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