In "Winter Dreams" Judy Jones's whims are said to shape Dexter's life: "for the second time her casual whim gave a new direction to his life."Describe her whims and Dexters reaction to them?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some of the whims that Fitzgerald describes in Judy Jones relates to her character.  Her constant dismissal of men as her suitors might be one such whim.  She dismisses men with disarming regularity, only to call them back at her own interest.  She moves from man to man without showing much in way of emotional connection or shared stability.  This can be seen after Dexter is engaged to Irene, upon seeing him at the club, Judy acts as if they were separated for a long time and as if she has genuine emotion towards him.  Judy reflects much of the social world that Dexter seeks to enter:  Concerned about appearance, driven by the sense of showmanship, and ultimately hollow and empty.  This type of social veneer would give its way to whims of fancy and overall fickleness.