In 1984, Winston rents an apartment from Charrington. What is his apartment like?how is it compared to his apartment at victory mansions, and why is it a good place for his encounters with Julia?

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Winston's apartment that he rents from Charrington is nothing like his Victory Gardens apartment.  His rental is more homey and decorated with taboo items like his paperweight, books, and journals and pens.  It has a bed for the two of them, chairs for reading, and a big window for watching the Proles do their washing and living.  It is a good place for Winston and Julia to meet because it is in the middle of Prole land--they are not under as much scrutiny as the members of the Party.  They feel much more free in the rented apartment which is why they did not expect the telescreen to be behind the picture on the wall--the reason for their ultimate downfall.  They are discussing how they will eventually be caught and dead, and the voice on the telescreen reiterated that idea as the picture falls from the wall to reveal the telescreen.  At that same moment, the Thought Police crawl in from all over and arrest them.

His Victory Gardens apartment by comparison is very plain and starkly decorated.  I like to think of the two as examples of country chic (warm and cushy full of softness and comfort) and modern/retro (straight lines and hard, cold feeling--black and stainless steel).