In the Winnebago Trickster tales, how is the Trickster both a creator and a destroyer, a giver and a negative force?

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hustoncmk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Winnebago have many stories about Trickster, Wakjakaga in their native language.  In the last story, Trickster creates  an environment for humans along the Mississippi River that previously was only inhabited by spirits. He destroyed all the spirits that ate humans along the river and pushed the whirlpools deeper in the water so that it would be safe for the humans. 

In Trickster Gets Pregnant, he lives with a fox, a blue jay, and a nit.  When winter comes they need food so Trickster disguises himself as a beautiful woman and marries a chief's son so that all the animals have food.  He is discovered after giving birth to three children and he and his friends escape, but they were able to eat through the winter.

In Trickster and the Mothers, Trickster sees the reflection of plums in the water and thinks they are real plums.  When he is not able to retrieve them, he asks some mother raccoons to help him.  While they are diving in the water for the plums, Trickster eats the baby raccoons.  He eventually traps the mother raccoons in a tunnel in the ground and lights fires at both ends.  After he has burned the mothers, he eats them as well.