"The wind looked down upon the tiny craft, laughed, and then attacked."  Does this sentence contain an implied metaphor?

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The sentence that you quote is much more an example of personification, I believe, than an example of an implied metaphor. In the sentence quoted, the wind is being given human properties, which is personification.

At one of the links given below (the one not at enotes.com), the sentence that you quote is one possible answer of course. Here's the question and four possible answers:

1. Which of the following sentences contains an implied metaphor?
a. The mall sailboat bobbed about like a cork on the huge ocean.
b. The wind looked down upon the tiny craft, laughed, and then attacked.
c. The battle between wind and boat raged on for an hour.
d. Then the damaged vessel rolled over like a dead fish.

If an implied metaphor is a subtle comparison of two things that are very different (that's the standard definition that I'm coming across), I would suggest that C is the only possible correct answer.

The comparisons in A and D are similes, not metaphors, and B has no comparison (unless, of course, personification is a sort of comparison between non-human and human things). C has the phrase "the battle between wind and boat raged," which strikes me as a subtle comparison. There's no literal battle. There's no literal raging. It's all metaphor.

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