To win "The Most Dangerous Game," how many days must Rainsford survive the hunt?no

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

General Zaroff spells out the specifics of his "most dangerous game" after informing Rainsford that he will be the human prey on Zaroff's next hunt. Zaroff gives Rainsford several options: He can play the game or else die at the hands of Ivan. Zaroff will give Rainsford a day's head start; the Cossack will then begin to track him at dusk, sinceĀ 

"Hunting at night is much more exciting than by day, don't you think?"

Zaroff will give Rainsford three days. If Zaroff has not killed him by that time, he will declare Rainsford the winner. Rainsford takes the entire three days to elude Zaroff before implementing his unusual twist on the game.

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