How does the relationship between Willy and Biff change as Biff becomes an adult in Death of a Salesman?

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Willy Loman is a salesman and Biff is a salesman's son. A lot of what some salesmen do is pump up the things they are selling with a lot of hot air; today this is called hype.

Well, for Willy, his first-born son, Biff, is everything in the world. Even back when Biff was a football star in high school, Willy wasn't doing too well any longer as a salesman. This fact made him tired and depressed, but at least there was Biff. Biff was someone who Willy could believe in and admire when everything else was disappointment. And so Willy used Biff as the repository of all of his hopes and dreams... and he pumped his son full to the brim with his expectations and praise.

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